01. Sonne

She Always Knew

A hot flash stung across Sasuke’s cheek. Eyes widened only a fraction of an inch to show his surprise. To be honest he was expecting something like this from her— more or less.


It was all that he said to acknowledge that she was there, in front of him. Her hand trembled slightly from the rather much needed slap given to the Uchiha. She really made no move to do anything else, just stare with sharp emerald hues.

"Don’t you dare, Sasuke-kun."

So she knew. Then again she always had this strange sense of knowing what he was up to. She knew when he was about to do something stupid and utterly dangerous.

After straightening himself out he pulled his gaze away. Eyes landed upon the other member of their team. Naruto really wasn’t expressing too much shock at what Sakura had just done. Instead he looked… sad. Almost like he knew too what was going on.

"I’ll stop you." She continued, her fist now balled up at her side. "I’m stronger now and I’ll do everything in my power to stop what you are about to do." Her other hand came up to his shirt, tugging upon the material to try and hold him in place.

"Heh." The sound slipped past his lips. Not so much as mocking her for her proud sense of strength, but because this scene was far too similar to that night he left Konoha.

"Stop that! Don’t be so damn cocky! This— what you’re planning! You can’t do this to us— to me and Naruto!" His head slowly turned back to view Sakura in front of himself She was so much stronger now. So full of resolve. He took notice of her clenched jaw. She was trying hard to hold back the tears. "You throwing your life away like this…it’s just selfish."

It was. It was a selfish wish of his from the beginning and he tried to mask it by his false wish of becoming Hokage. No, taking that position was never his intention. Instead he wished to rid this Earth of his clan, just like his brother. In the end he wanted to complete Itachi’s mission.

"There is no place for me anymore, Sakura. I don’t belong in Konoha. I don’t—"

"Yes you do! You belong with us Sasuke! You belong with Team Seven! I know the things you have done in the past were wrong, but that doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself!"

Sasuke’s hand rose, moving to cover Sakura’s smaller one. She wouldn’t let him continue on. She wouldn’t let him give his life for this village because of what she said that night before he left. All this time she had never given up on him.

"I’m sorry… Sakura."

He whispered the apology so quietly that Sakura’s brows furrowed with confusion, almost as if she couldn’t hear him too well. But as the words left his lips he leaned in quickly. Capturing her with the sudden kiss had given the appropriate reaction. Shock. She was paralyzed for but a second and that was all he needed.

Before she could regain her composure Sasuke tripped Sakura, pushing her clean off Aoda. He knew Naruto was close by and would catch her so he was not worried about her falling to her death.


She cried out, foot slipping off the last bit of ground she had left. The last thing he saw was those bright emerald eyes. So wide and hurt. He didn’t wait to see if Naruto would catch her. He already knew he would. Giving Aoda a tap the snake lunged forward to finish the job.

"—-…I’m sorry for all the pain I caused the both of you. Hopefully now you’ll be able to move on without me."

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